Oh, Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Hi folks and Happy New Year!

Since my last post, I created a "CeliacSavvy" Facebook page (thanks for "Liking!") and am planning to be more active on Twitter. I love the "favorite-ing" and re-tweeting, so thanks,  too, for that support. While I plan to continue to blog, my 2015 schedule seems more conducive to spending more time sharing my message via social media. Of course, if I come across news that's "blog-worthy" (and 140 characters just won't cut it!) or if the muse is on my shoulder, I'll be sure to post.

I hope you'll spread the word and have your family, friends, colleagues, and whomever you think would benefit from keeping up with "CeliacSavvy" check out and "Like" my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter (@CeliacSavvy).

Here's to a great 2015--because it's a great time to be gluten-free!