It's Cookie Time!

For those of you who made that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym but knew better--rejoice! It’s Girl Scout cookie time! As a former Girl Scout leader, cookie time brings back a bunch of memories for me. I will, say, though, that it was a dark time for many before the Scouts came out with a gluten-free cookie. Last year, they introduced a chocolate chip shortbread that was TO DIE FOR; however, it is not available this year.  Major bummer.  So what’s a girl to do? Try the new gluten-free cookies, of course. This year, there are two: Toffee-tastic, described as, “Indulgently rich butter cookies with sweet, crunchy, golden toffee bits.”According to the Scouts, this variety is being offered in select markets only, while supplies last.

The other cookie is called the Trio and is comprised of “chocolate chips nestled in a gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Made with whole grain oats and real peanut butter, the Gluten Free Trios (are) premiering in a number of test markets this year.”*

You can easily find cookies for sale by using The Girl Scout Cookie Finder Mobile App, which is available from the App Store and for Android on Google play.

Thanks to the Girl Scouts who must agree--it’s a great time to be gluten-free!

*Source:  Girl Scouts Cookie Finder App