The Power of Networking: One Blogger's Quest to get Blogging Again

One of the great things about being a blogger is the opportunity to network with other bloggers, and attend workshops to learn how to be a better blogger. Today I attended a social media marketing panel program hosted by Women TIES (  where I listened to Tracy Higginbotham speak on blogging. (Tracy is the WomenTIES Promoter and Advocate of Women Entrepreneurs. Check out her blog at Among other things, Tracy taught us bloggers that we have "more content than we think" and that if we don't blog every day that that is okay. Whew! Love that "get out of jail free card," thanks, Tracy!

Other topics included discussions on how to best use Twitter and LinkedIn, presented by Robin Taney of Studio4PR and Michelle Arbore of Savvy Social Media 4U, respectively (check out these great ladies on Twitter). I must admit, some days it's much easier to compose a 140-character tweet than it is to compose a 300-500 word blog post and I'd be lying if I said I'v been spending more time on my blog than on Twitter. But today I left the panel discussion with the idea that it's quantity, not quality, And I'm vowing to be a better blogber and see what happens. 

How about you?

Follow my blog--I'll be more inclined to post if I know there are people out there waiting to hear what I've got to share about living well on a gluten-free diet!--and follow me on Twitter @celiacsavvy. Because it's a great time to be gluten-free!