Product Review: Send Me Gluten Free

Recently, I scored a deal to receive a 3-month subscription to Send Me Gluten Free at half price. After receiving items such as black bean spaghetti and (really) raw snack bars, I was feeling a bit let down by the selections and glad I hadn’t paid full price; however, when October’s box arrived, I thought, “Now we’re really onto something.”

For those of you not familiar with Send Me Gluten Free ( it’s a monthly subscription service whereby you sign up to receive gluten-free goodies sent to your door; you choose the frequency. According to their website, all options ship free and, if you agree to rate products, you can receive discounts. Package options are as follows:

Month-to-Month: $30 per month

3 Months: $26 per month

6 Months: $24 per month

12 months: $20 per month

Send Me Gluten Free’s site also states that each month, you’ll receive 8-10 new products, including at least one full-size product (sample sizes are also included).  Categories include foods, personal care, and household items.  Coupons and promo codes for online ordering are also included in the packages.

Of course, everyone’s taste varies—especially when one has special dietary needs—but it’s nice to be able to use or consume most everything when you subscribe to these monthly box services.  After giving away most of what was in my first two shipments, apparently, three times was the charm for me.

My October box included:

  • A full-size package (4.5oz) of Mediterranean Snacks’ brand Baked Lentil Chips in Sea Salt
  • Organic YogaVive Popped Apple Chips (1.4oz bag)
  • I Heart Keenwah Chocolate and Sea Salt Quinoa Clusters (1oz bag)
  • Jar of Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves (1oz)
  • Sample size NoGii Paleo Bar in Nuts About Berries
  • Full-size Nature’s Path Organic Dark Chocolate Chip Bar (1.2oz)
  • A sample of “Primal Pit Paste,” (.250z) which, apparently, is a natural deodorant. Who knew?
  • A sample pack of Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex Capsules (2 vegetarian capsules) along with a “We Pledge to Support Gluten-Free Living Button” (appropriate for your next fundraising event, perhaps).
  • A sample pack of Redd Remedies’ Curcumin C3 complex (2 vegetarian capsules)
  • Kemnitz Family Kitchen labels—a sample pack of the more than 100 labels and signs offered by this company; great idea if you are attending a pot-luck and want everyone to know your casserole is gluten-free. I was quite impressed by this item; it will certainly come in handy for me.

Also included were various promotional offers and coupons, and a gluten-free flour blend recipe from The Warm Kitchen.

As someone looking for great-tasting snack bars—and addicted to all things chocolate and sea salt--this particular box was right up my alley; the half-price cost of my subscription more than made up for what I felt was lacking in previous packages.

I’m sort of sad that my subscription has ended and may consider asking friends to share the love by signing up for one of the packages—what one person may not enjoy may be gluten-free heaven to someone else. I’d also consider sending this as a holiday or birthday gift to a gluten-free friend or relative.

Disclaimer: This blog post is based on my experience using the Send Me Gluten Free monthly subscription service. I received no compensation for using this service or writing this post. Just found a great product that I wanted to share with you--because it's a great time to be gluten-free!