Gluten-Free Before Gluten-Free was Cool Presentation

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Central New York (CNY) Celiacs. The title of my presentation was, "Gluten-Free Before Gluten-Free was Cool: Raising a Child with Celiac Disease." As most of you know, my adult daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at 15 months of age. This was in 1992, when being on a gluten-free diet was nearly unheard of. We've come a long way since then, thanks to the good work the celiac community is doing raising awareness of this condition, which at times is still somewhat misunderstood. I count the CNY Celiacs as one of the groups "making tracks for celiacs." It was a pleasure to meet Ruth Wyman, President of CNY Celiacs, her husband, John, and Sally Seeley, who handles membership for the group. Thanks to all who came to hear me speak on a cold, Sunday afternoon: family, friends and members of this wonderful group.

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