Welcome to Celiac Savvy!

Hello readers, After raising a daughter with celiac disease and recently discovering gluten sensitivities of my own, I thought it was time to share the love—the gluten-free love, that is—with those of you in the blogosphere.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I’m a writer and editor whose daughter was diagnosed at age 15 months with celiac disease. This was in the early ‘90s, way before the Internet was our primary means of seeking out information and support. “Back in the day,” I was calling manufacturers by phone and sending typewritten letters requesting ingredients listings. I was in a support group for parents of children with celiac disease and on a personal mission to educate nearly everyone with whom I came into contact about this condition.  (Not everyone appreciated that, as you might suspect.) I was also spending a great deal of time baking from scratch with little guidance and even fewer workable recipes. I was throwing out failed baking experiments faster than you could say potato starch.

Thankfully, for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities, much has changed for the better over the past 20 years. Though my daughter is all grown up, I’m always looking for new ways to make the gluten-free lifestyle an enjoyable one for her and our family. My path to being what I call “celiac savvy” wasn’t an easy one but with the help of this blog, yours can be.

I designed this blog with several goals in mind:

  • To assist both newly diagnosed celiacs and lifelong celiacs in their quest for good-tasting gluten free foods
  • To offer advice about how to handle the gluten-free diet outside the home, in various situations
  • To inform you of gluten-free products that I think are just great
  • To share yummy gluten-free recipes
  • To review books related to celiac disease and the gluten-free diet
  • To provide a discussion forum for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities
  • To discover new things from you, my readers!

So sit back, relax and get ready to be savvy—Celiac Savvy!

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant as medical advice nor is it designed to take the place of a physician.